Monday, January 12, 2009

Our Weekend and Monday

Weekend and Monday (Jan 10-12)

So this weekend was totally fun! Saturday Tom had to work but after he came home we went on a short walk with Aiden riding his bike. THEN, Saturday night the Pitt's babysat Aiden while Tom and I went "on a date". We were so confused as to what to do with all the quiet time that we ended up going to Barnes and Noble! HA!

Sunday I got my hair done....
(click the pic for more)

Then hung out with Kate and saw her new puppy! SO CUTE!

And finally Monday (today) I took Aiden to the California Kids Sport Center! SOOOO FUN for the kids AND parents!

I have uploaded a couple videos and ALL our pictures.

Click on the picture below to view all our pics:

And here are our videos from today:

Until next time......