Sunday, February 8, 2009

Interesting Weekend!

Saturday..... Feb 7th, 2009

So this weekend was probably one of the funnest I have had in a REALLY long time! 
My old roommate always knows how to party and she definitely "out-did" any birthday party I have ever been to! She rented a LIMO BUS! Equipped with a Tiki Bar, Strippers Pole and unlimited alcohol! The best part is that she had like 25 people so it was only $40 per person!

The bus picked us up at her condo in San Jose and took us to two bars in Sunnyvale. But to be honest, I could have lived without the bars.... the bus was FUN!

Here is the ouside of the bus... Looks like a normal everday bus...

Then here's the inside!!!! The side walls are lined with Leather seats the roof is shiny metal with cool multi-colored lights on it, Plus there was like 10 speakers in the bus so the music was so loud and awesome!

You definitely need to have the personality (and the friends with "the personality") to do this... I walked on that bus knowing only Melissa and Allegra and walked off that bus with 20 new friends! They were all so nice and friendly! I had such a blast (and a well deserved one at that!)

~:~                    ~:~                     ~:~                   ~:~

Sunday, Feb 8th, 2009 
I took Aiden to his friends birthday party. Ethan turned 2 a few days ago and Aiden will be two in 10 days! I have been looking for a preschool for Aiden and have a couple interviews tomorrow. I am hoping to do a part time pre-school program where he can either go M-F for a couple hours or MWF for all day. I sort of like the all day idea better cause then I have some days to myself :D 

Aiden liked the Pirate hat and eye patch :D he put them on and kept saying ARRRGH!

While Will was helping me clear out or storage Aiden and Lliam apparently had other plans that did not involve sticking around to help out! I don't know if they had plans to go pick up on some chicks or what but they were on a mission!

I think this blog is long enough.... its 12:30 and should probably get to bed now. I have some pre-school touring to do tomorrow and class from 6:30-9:45 pm Should be an interesting day to say the least :D 

Until next time................

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Since Mid-January.... It is now Feb 4th... (picture heavy)

I haven't blogged in a looooong time and I feel bad.
So many things have happened that I have wanted to blog about but just either haven't had the time.... or haven't had the energy. There are countless nights where I got everything set up and ready to update my blog and decided to do it at a later time cause I was simply too exhausted. Keeping up with a 2 year old is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life!

Since my last blog we went to Ophelia's 4th birthday bash:
Her birthday was at a cool (huge) park with a lake.

Aiden got his very first kite!

I can not believe Aiden is already going to be 2!!! That post is going to be probably really long with a ton of pictures!