Saturday, January 10, 2009

Loving the "Blog Scene"

I am totally loving the whole "BLOG YOUR FAMILY" deal! This ROCKS!

So last night we had our Freeloafers over
and they invited a friend (Anthony)
It was pretty fun. We played some Partini, Taboo, Guitar hero and ended the night with Beer Pong.

The party ended around 3:30 am even though I went to bed at like midnight! haha....
Then Aiden and I barged in at like 9 AM and decided to wake them up!
This is how we found them:

OH WAIT..... THAT'S THE WRONG PHOTO!!! (how did that get in there????)

Here is the correct one....

We had a lot of fun :D

Then tonight was fun also (Jan 10, 2009) because the Pitt's so graciously accepted Aiden into their home for a "FEW HOURS" that actually turned into like only one hour cause Tom and I literally didn't know what to do with all the freedom we had. You know what we did? WE WENT TO BARNES AND NOBLE..... now, you tell me.... is that what NORMAL people do when they have a few hours away from their children?.... HA! I didn't think so.

I'm old. Goodnight